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AED Plus Automated External Defibrillator

Now fully 2010 Guidelines-compliant!

When a cardiac arrest occurs, the fact is that only half of the victims will need a shock. But nearly all will require cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

You deserve an automated external defibrillator (AED) that helps you all the time. And, only one AED can actually see when you are doing CPR and help you do it well. You need more than just commands, without assistance. That's not smart, and it's certainly not help.

ZOLL's AED Plus® features Real CPR Help®, a CPR feedback tool that is able to actually see what you are doing and provide feedback to help you do it well. Audio and visual prompts help you rescue with confidence and clarity unmatched by any other AED.

Not pushing hard enough? It will tell you when to push harder.
Pushing hard enough? It will say, "Good compressions."
Not pushing fast enough? A metronome will lead you to the right rate.
It will even show you the depth of each compression. In real time.
Not yet started? The AED Plus will tell you again to get started.
Compressions stopped? It will tell you to continue.

CPR Feedback

ZOLL believes AEDs should not just deliver a shock. They should also help the rescuer provide high-quality cardiopulmonary resuscitation. That's why you need ZOLL AEDs, the AED Plus with Real CPR Help.

The AED Plus offers:

Real CPR Help for rate and depth of compressions.
Support for the complete Chain of Survival.
Help to all victims of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), even those for whom no shock is advised.
A one-piece electrode pad for fast and accurate placement.
Our AEDs use consumer lithium camera batteries available from retail stores.
 AED Pro Automated External Defibrillator

Whether used in a hospital or in the field, the new ZOLL AED Pro® is designed to perform in any environment. The AED Pro provides the ruggedness, portability, and advanced functionality that professional rescuers and services require from an automated external defibrillator (AED).

The Most Rugged, Full-featured AED for Professional Rescuers

Designed with advanced capabilities, the ZOLL AED Pro supports Basic Life Support as well as Advanced Life Support professionals. This advanced AED features a high-resolution LCD display that allows responders to visualize a patient's ECG while utilizing a 3-lead monitoring cable.

Unique to ZOLL AEDs is a real-time feedback mechanism, known as Real CPR Help®, which allows rescuers to see and hear how well they are performing the rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR. Real CPR Help, includes a metronome set at the AHA recommended 100 bpm and a screen display which helps rescuers achieve optimum rate and depth of compression levels through audible and/or visual prompts.

For the professional rescuer the AED Pro now offers the ability to view a patient's underlying ECG rhythm with See Thru CPR®. When the AED Pro is in manual mode and CPR chest compressions are being performed, See-Thru CPR is activated. See-Thru CPR reduces interruptions by allowing clinicians to see organized electrical activity while CPR compressions are being performed by filtering out compression artifact ("noise"). This allows rescuers the ability to see a patient's underlying cardiac rhythm during resuscitation efforts and eliminates the need to stop compressions to see if defibrillation was successful.

ZOLL AED Pro features:

Superior AED design and rubber over-molds are built to withstand harsh environments.
Real CPR Help for rate and depth of chest compressions during CPR using ZOLL's unique one-piece CPR-D-padz®.
See-Thru CPR allows a rescuer to view a patient's underlying ECG rhythm while performing CPR.
Exceptionally resistant to dust and water jets (IP55 Rating)
Only AED in the industry to withstand a 1.5-meter drop test, making it suitable to withstand the rough treatment typically found in an emergency medical environment.
Available as semi-automatic only or semi-automatic with manual override for ALS professionals.
Built-in internal memory and external USB memory technology allows expanded data storage capacity, and maximum flexibility for data management and transfer.
Electrodes and battery compatibility with ZOLL M Series®, E Series® and R Series® professional defibrillators.
ECG monitoring with 3-lead cable and high-quality display.
Unrivaled battery options (long-life disposable or rechargeable) that meet your specific needs.
Easy unit configuration through ZOLL's administration software.
Intelligent pediatric capability.
2010 Guidelines-ready.  

Zoll Bracket -  $65.00

Stat Pads -$59 – 2 yr

CPR D Padz – $169 – 5 yr

Zoll Batteries - $50.00

Zoll   aED   ($1995.00)  -   $1699.00

Package Includes:

5 year warranty -   3 year battery

Gloves - Scissors
Voice Prompts with pictures
CPR Feedback with CPR D Padz only
Visual Alarm when AED Pads or Batteries need replacing​

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